Definition Object


The definition type is an integer value that represents one of the contexts listed below:

Code Value Type Description
101 Finance Type Signup transaction fee, payable upfront by the customer
102 Finance Type Signup transaction fee, after the completion of the application amount is added to the merchants invoice
103 Finance Type Deposit, payable upfront by the customer
104 Finance Type Top-up, payable upfront by the customer
105 Finance Type Cost of credit, the total added interest repayable by the customer through their account term
106 Decimal(3,2) Representative APR in percentage format
107 Finance Type Expectable minimum repayment amount
108 Finance Type Amount of credit issued on this application
109 Finance Type Total amount payable by the customer
110 Product Type The product identifier
111 Link A URL to display the pre-contractual explanation (PCE)
112 Internal Identified internally by Fly Now Pay Later
113 Finance Type The total order value
114 Eligbility Marker Specifies eligibility to be repaid before expected booking start date (For flights: departure date, For hotels: check-in date, For rentals: period start date).

The content can be either a string, integer, array of objects or an object. The contents value is defined by the context when used.